Bidet World Electronic Warm Water Bidet Q-6100


  • Instant heating system
  • Air pump
  • Wash
  • Bidet
  • Move

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Key Features of BidetWorld Q-6100

Instaneous Heating
Continuous warm water supplying.
Heated Seat
The temperature control device maintains comfort for your hips.
Warm Air Dryer
After the cleaning is completed, the temperature-adjustment dry air guarantees a refreshing finish
heatedseat Air Water system
With a technology that combines air bubbles, this evolutionary cleaning method makes cleansing all the more powerful, while reducing water consumption by 50%.
Nozzle oscillation feature for massage
Night Light
Illumination brings an air of elegance to the toilet.
Removes order in the rest room, for you, for others.
Nozzle Self Cleaning
The nozzles are cleaned automatically before and after use.

Functions of BidetWorld Q-6100

  • Cleansing Functions
    • Instant heating system
    • Air pump
    • Wash
    • Bidet
    • Move
    • Massage
    • Bubble cleansing
    • Twin nozzles
    • Turbo (enema wash)
  • Hygienic Functions
    • Purifying filter
    • Deodoriser
    • Aroma
    • Ultraviolet Sterilisation
    • Chrome coated nozzle material
    • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Comfortable & Convenient Functions
    • Illumination
    • Kids
    • Automatic setting
    • Warm air drying
    • Variable heated seat
    • Anti-slam lid
    • Adjustable nozzle positioning
    • Variable air temp
    • Detachment of bidet
    • Energy saving
  • Safety Functions
    • Occupied seat sensor
    • Power on/off
    • Self diagnosis system
    • Anti-burn function
    • The frost protection



** Ceramic toilet is not included with Bidet


In the following cases, you must consult with a plumber or us before placing an order.
★ if your toilet’s water tank is placed behind the wall
★ if the size of your toilet seat is too bigger or smaller than the standard size of New Zealand toilet seat
★ if the shape of your toilet seat is not a round shape


This product must be installed in accordance with AS/NZ 3500.1. which requires provision of a high hazard Backflow prevention device (not supplied)

This requirement is subject to local authority inspection. Please consult with your local plumber prior to installation.

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