Bidet World Cold Water Bidet D-shape FB104


  • Non electric operated bidet seat
  • Cold water


Bidet World Cold Water Manual Bidet with Seat FB-104

Bidet World Manual bidet D-shape FP104 is a non electric operated bidet seat that can be fitted onto most existing toilet systems. Installation is as easy as replacing your toilet seat. No major plumbing works required. It is that simple!

Bidet World Manual bidet D-shape FB104 lets you maintain high level of toilet hygiene at low cost as it is inexpensive to own one. Because of its non-electric operation, the running costs are very low.

Features of Bidet World FB-104

  • Slim
  • Bidet / Wash
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Eco
  • Jog Dial
  • Soft closing
  • 2 Nozzle
  • Cold Water Manual Bidet

** Ceramic toilet is not included with Bidet


In the following cases, you must consult with a plumber or us before placing an order.
★ if your toilet’s water tank is placed behind the wall
★ if the size of your toilet seat is too bigger or smaller than the standard size of New Zealand toilet seat
★ if the shape of your toilet seat is not a round shape


This product must be installed in accordance with AS/NZ 3500.1. which requires provision of a high hazard Back flow prevention device (not supplied)

This requirement is subject to local authority inspection. Please consult with your local plumber prior to installation.