A bidet is as same as having your own personal car wash, for your delicate bottom parts. Don’t wipe, wash ; that’s what a bidet for.
No, only toilet seat will be replaced with. It’s something like upgrading toilet parts, from ancestor one to high tech one! Your new bidet toilet seat will have outstanding features to make you happy everytime you sit on.
All bidet toilet seats require a nearby outlet unless is a manual model.
Power supplied bidets take every precaution to prevent risks. Our products are made from melded plastic which does not conduct electricity, and a built-in ground protects users from the risks of electrical shock. The circuit board of the bidet is protected, and the casing is waterproof to prevent accidental water exposure (for example, during cleaning).
If you feel unsure, run the wash function again or check with some toilet paper. Very soon you will feel confident with the consistent cleaning by the bidet.
About 500ml per average wash will be used. For your information, it needs 2 litres of water for washing hands and 120 litres of water for 10 minute shower.
The water from the wall is split with a T-connector (provided). From there, water for the bidet is diverted into.
Using any bathroom disinfecting cleaner, simply spray and wipe your bidet on a regular basis. Bidet nozzles are fully retractable and self-cleaning, the seat and lid are germ-resistant polymers, and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Abrasives, benzenes, and acid or alkaline detergents are never necessary, and will scratch or discolour your bidet. Generally, there is no high maintenance required.
No. The bidet heats its own water, just a cold connection taken from your cistern filling line is all that is needed. A T connector is provided for this purpose.
That’s OK, the bidet toilet seats in our range have in-built water pumps so you will have a consistent steady stream of water 24hrs a day.
It is a popular misconception that bidets are ONLY good for women, however it is true bidets are good for women! Our bidets have a couple of cleansing nozzles; one for cleansing bottom and the other for the exclusive cleansing of vaginal area which will help feminine hygiene effectively during menstrual period.